Saturday, November 21, 2009

MTC Friends

Yes, Wes has been in Washington for about 6 weeks, but I'm just now finding time to update his blog. Seeing these pictures makes me think that you can send a boy on a mission but it doesn't necessarily mean he will be any less goofy!

This is Wes and his MTC companion, Elder Salas. Elder Salas is from Layton, Utah. Besides being companions at the MTC, both of these two young men worked at an ice plant to earn money for their missions.

Wes was district leader at the MTC. This was the district from left to right, Elders: Thornburg, Lamb, Furphy,Riley, Joos, Williams, Whipple, Salas, and Johnson.

See what I mean about goofy? On the temple grounds, no less! Wesley's comment for this picture is "We're flying!" He did say that some of the LARGER boys at the MTC enjoyed picking him up. Weird missionaries.

This is Sister Sorenson. Wes met her on his Last Hurrah trip to California just before he went in to the MTC. Wes and 3 friends lived in a van for a week on the beaches of California. However, they did go to Institute while there and that is where Wes and Sister Sorenson met. Small world, huh?

ANOTHER(?) Elder Whipple at the MTC. Wesley's cousin, Chantz, entered the MTC one week after Wes, but this isn't Chantz. Wow! 3 Elders Whipple at the MTC at one time. Yikes! However, this kid looks pretty tame.

These are Wes's LARGE friends. Elder Harral on the left and Elder Weight on the right. We have dozens of pictures of them carrying Wesley around. Maybe they wanted to show off their physical strength as well as their spiritual might?

MTC companion, Elder Salas.

Have badge, will teach.

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